strawberry jam



1 kg strawberry 

250 gr brown sugar

1/2 lemon ( juice)



strawberry with sugar and lemon juice

strawberry jam


Recipe preparation



I love making jams, once they are tasted you can no longer go back to the usual ones that are on the market, even if of excellent quality, they fail to give us that authentic flavor of freshly picked fruit.

2 important things:

– choose well firm and perfect strawberries if you want a bright colored jam

– equip yourself with jars with capsules (those of Bormioli with gold capsules are perfect) that are vacuum-sealed once turned upside down otherwise you risk destroying your work.


Clean the strawberries under running water, remove the leaves and let them dry on a towel. Cut them into small pieces and put them in a saucepan with a very high bottom with the sugar and lemon juice. Mix well until the sugar has dissolved and let it sit for no less than 7 hours, but no more than 9, otherwise there would be too much juice to remove.

After the time has elapsed, take the pot back and put it on high heat. As soon as it starts to boil, lower it a little, but not too much because the jam must cook quickly and dry quickly, it must not wither, so its bright red color will remain unchanged.

Usually for these proportions it takes 35/40 minutes no more. Turn off the heat and if you want to blend it or leave it in small pieces and immediately transfer it into the jars with the help of a funnel with a wide mouth underneath, so that it does not get stuck with the strawberry pieces. Close with the lid and turn the jar upside down to vacuum seal. Leave this way until completely cooled.

After that you can store them in your pantry. If you have done the vacuum seal well, the jams last up to a year.

In the same way you can indulge yourself with many other fruit flavors.

For the proportion of fruit / sugar, I always try to keep no more than 250 grams of sugar for one kg of fruit, so that it is not too sweet and the flavor of the fruit is good.