The Ombrone is the main river that bathes the southern part of Tuscany. Its bed is particularly sedimented due to the strong erodibility of the clay-sandy Pliocene formations of the soils on which it flows, in particular those constituting the so-called “Crete Senesi”: for this reason, its turbid annual outflow (ie the “flow” of sediment) is even higher than that of the Arno River. In the Grand-Ducal age, this feature was used to reclaim the coastal marshes that made up the Tuscan Maremma in a relatively short time. The Ombrone is a river with an extremely torrential regime, which alternates periods of extreme lean in summer with swirling floods in autumn. A few years ago a typically alpine sport has taken root in rafting thanks to an association “Terramare” already involved in teaching surfing on the Tyrrhenian coast. For more information we leave you at their link:  www.terramareitalia.it/



Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. A sailboard will move, depending on wind conditions and the skill or intention of the rider, in two entirely different manners, with two different displacements; it will either sail or hydroplane (referred to as “planing”). A sensation likened to low-level flying may be experienced by the hydroplaning windsurfer.  



Kitesurfing is an action sport born in 1999, as an alternative to the surf. A kiteboarder harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled acrss the water. If this brief explanation has been able to arouse your curiosity, we suggest you

kite’s angels beach where you can also use the beach of Marina di Grosseto bordering beach of Marze or the surf beach, in Castiglione della Pescaia where you can also book your surf lesson.




A catamaran is a multi-hulled watercraft featuring two parallel hulls of equal size. Catamarans typically have less hull volume, smaller displacement and shallower draft than monohulls of comparable length. The structure connecting a catamaran’s two hulls ranges from a simple frame strung with webbing to support the crew to a bridging superstructure incorporating extensive cabin and/or space. For this reason it is suitable for neophytes and families.

You can set sail for a stay on a catamaran with the Mad Max company, with 20 years of experience behind them, they will surely be able to give you unforgettable moments aboard their boats. To combine with your land stay in Prataccio. (in the months of July and August they almost always accept weekly stays, in other months even weekends). They are all boats with double cabins, very comfortable and with large outdoor spaces and with the possibility of having a personal skipper for the preparation of lunches, aperitifs at sunset or dinners.
For more information contact Lucas: Mad Max Charter.